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Millions of Americans set a goal and succeed in paying off their credit card debt each year! Is this one of your goals? With determination and a plan, you can take control of your credit, improve your credit score and start building a savings account in the process. Here’s how:

The first step toward reducing your credit card debt is to stop adding to it. While you don’t have to literally shred your cards, you do need to stop using them routinely.  Try one (or all) of the tips below to break this habit:

Carry Cash
Give yourself a weekly cash allowance for expenditures. You’ll be more aware of how much you actually spend; plus, once you run out of money, you’re more apt to stop spending.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Keep your credit

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Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid

When selling your home, you’ll want to stage it for both showings and photos. A properly staged home makes your home more appealing to different buyers. To make your home appealing to the most buyers, there are some common staging mistakes to avoid. Here is what you should not do when staging a home.

Not Cleaning Enough

Familiarity in a space can often result in overlooking minor details. These minor details can quickly add up when prospective buyers walk through your home. Not cleaning adequately is something you should definitely not do when staging a house. Corners full of dust or cobwebs, grime in your shower, and, perhaps worst of all, unpleasant smells that you no longer notice, are all things that

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Steps To Selling Your Home

After making the decision to sell your home, it’s time to begin the process of actually listing it, combing through offers, and eventually closing on the deal. During this time there are a few key steps to make selling your home in Council Bluffs fast and easy.

1. Hire an Agent

While hiring an agent doesn’t need to be the first step on your journey to sell your home, it can do a lot to alleviate the workload and stress that comes with selling. An Aagents can help make selling your home in the Council Bluffs area easy by helping you set a timeline, take care of inspections, handle negotiations, and help finalize paperwork.

While waiting until later is always an option, having an experienced agent who knows the

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St. Patrick’s Day is the one day out of the year that nearly everyone will be dressed in green, devouring corned beef and cabbage, and claiming to be of Irish descent.  

It's no different at Heartland Properties. This year, our lunch was catered by Tobey Jacks Mineola Steakhouse from Mineola, Iowa.  As always, they come with bubbly smiles and fabulous food!

We had plenty of festive green attire, delicious food, and cheerful conversation!



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3 Steps on Buying Your First Home in the Council Bluffs area

Buying your first home can seem like a daunting task. With all the details to consider, such as which neighborhood to choose, how may bedrooms you will need, how to finance it, and countless others, it can become overwhelming. Where to begin? At Heartland Properties, we understand what it’s like to buy your first home, and that’s why our agents are here to help. Here are 3 steps to help you buy your first home in the Council Bluffs area:

1. Make Sure You’re Financially Ready

The first step in buying a new home in the Council Bluffs area is to make sure your finances are in order and that your credit report is in good shape. Making sure you are financially stable is essential in

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If there is something we have learned about our agents at Heartland Properties, it’s that they like food, and they like a challenge.

We decided it would be fun to combine the two; Eat & Compete!

It’s beneficial for a couple of reasons; the office gets to enjoy some great food, and friendly competition is a good character builder!

In the Fall, we like to kick off the cooler weather season with our annual Chili Bowl. 2021 marked the 14th year of this battle, and it came with great anticipation we had never faced before.  You see, one of our agents threw a wrench into the game with the 13th Chili Bowl when he graciously accepted his Grand Prize Trophy, and then provided the evidence that our three judges had chosen Campbells Chunky Chili as the

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Selling a home may be a stressful experience, especially for first-time sellers! One of the best ways to ease anxiety and reduce stress is to know what to expect. Here’s a general overview of the selling process.

While everyone’s experience may be different, these steps tend to be universal. Of course, once you’ve decided to sell your home, give us a call and we’ll help you every step of the way.

Here are some tips to hep you prepare your home for its market debut.

Start packing valuables and items you don’t plan to use until after you’ve moved, including any personal photos displayed in the home. Removing clutter will make your home appear more spacious. While deciding what to pack, think about which appliances

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Diving into November and the holiday season brings all the feels - are we right? Whether you have all of the plans mapped with family and friends or you keep it simple with just a few spontaneous moments of celebration, taking time to remember that the holidays are more than a table of delicious food, football, and parades; it’s a time to purposefully give thanks and appreciate everything we have. 

As you’re preparing for the exciting season ahead, take time to purposefully be grateful every day. Not sure where to begin?
Here are some ideas to help you slow down and savor these special moments. 

1. Count your blessings. 
It takes up to eight weeks of practicing gratitude for the brain to start showing changes reflecting greater happiness.* Write down

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