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Did Someone Say Contest??

Posted by Heartland Properties on Monday, December 13th, 2021 at 10:23am.

If there is something we have learned about our agents at Heartland Properties, it’s that they like food, and they like a challenge.

We decided it would be fun to combine the two; Eat & Compete!

It’s beneficial for a couple of reasons; the office gets to enjoy some great food, and friendly competition is a good character builder!

In the Fall, we like to kick off the cooler weather season with our annual Chili Bowl. 2021 marked the 14th year of this battle, and it came with great anticipation we had never faced before.  You see, one of our agents threw a wrench into the game with the 13th Chili Bowl when he graciously accepted his Grand Prize Trophy, and then provided the evidence that our three judges had chosen Campbells Chunky Chili as the winner! Shock & disappointment was heavy for those who had toiled (some for days) over their “pride in a pot” as they gawked at the empty cans displayed on the table!  The judges, two of which were attorneys, seemed proud that they had chosen a chili that had been perfected by a team of chefs and purchased by millions of consumers.

This year, the curiosity was piqued as participants wondered if this same prank would prove victorious again!  We had 9 entries, and to our discovery, only 1 was not prepared in the personal kitchen of the chef (by the same culprit).  Our 3 guest judges were sequestered in a private room, identities hidden until the results are announced. One by one, the sample bowls are served, tasted and judged in 3 categories; appearance, texture, and taste.


Once the judges are confident in their decision, the numbers are tallied, the winners are revealed and the coveted trophy is handed over to the new champion!

1st Place Winner - Shari James, wife of Jason James who also had an entry of his own.  Awkward.
2nd Place Winner - Ruth Knott
3rd Place Winner - Yvette Perdue

To keep the competition around the office sweet, we started a newer tradition of having a Chocolate Chip Cookie contest.

This year was only the 2nd one, but the battle was hot! We have one sole judge, John Jerkovich, a self-proclaimed chocolate chip cookie connoisseur.  And one sole rule, only chocolate chips.

No nuts, no oatmeal, just chocolate chips.

There were 20 entries!
John tasted his way through the crispy crumbly edges to the gooey chocolaty middle, taking notes as he went along to be mindful of the ones he preferred.

One entry came in the shape of a ninja, hoping to kick the competition to the curb.

John picked his top 3 favorites

1st Place Winner - Larry West
2nd Place Winner - Gloria West
3rd Place Winner - Yvette Perdue

In the end, it was a win for the whole office.
Good food, lots of laughs, and memories made!



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