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Purposefully Give Thanks

Posted by Heartland Properties on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 at 9:14am.

Diving into November and the holiday season brings all the feels - are we right? Whether you have all of the plans mapped with family and friends or you keep it simple with just a few spontaneous moments of celebration, taking time to remember that the holidays are more than a table of delicious food, football, and parades; it’s a time to purposefully give thanks and appreciate everything we have. 

As you’re preparing for the exciting season ahead, take time to purposefully be grateful every day. Not sure where to begin?
Here are some ideas to help you slow down and savor these special moments. 

1. Count your blessings. 
It takes up to eight weeks of practicing gratitude for the brain to start showing changes reflecting greater happiness.* Write down three to five things you’re grateful for daily. If you’re not sure what to write, answer these questions: 

  • What are you grateful for right now? 
  • Who are three people you’re grateful to have in your life? 
  • What is something you tend to take for granted that you’re grateful for? 

Think about things big and small – 

  • The roof over your head! Have you lived in your home for 10 years and love the memories and comfort it provides? Did you just move and you’re grateful to be getting settled into your new house to make new memories? Or maybe you’re looking for your dream home – that’s something to be grateful for, too. 
  • Your health! Whether you’re in stellar health or working on it -- the choice is yours and you can make little changes daily to get where you need and want to be.
  • The people around you! This leads to the next point… 

2. Appreciate the little things.  
Some days it’s easier to find things to be thankful for than others. Regardless of how your day is unfolding, take time to appreciate the little things and you may find your day turns out better than you expected. 

3. Look on the bright side. 
Look for ways to be grateful when faced with challenges. Gratitude changes your mindset and helps you become more optimistic. Optimists see challenges as opportunities for growth and improvement. 

4. Volunteer.  
When you help others, it tends to create feelings of well-being and happiness. Volunteer locally  or help others you know who may be facing difficult times. Look for opportunities to give.  

  • Here in Council Bluffs, there are several ways to get involved in the community -- check out the 712 Initiative for more ways to play, grow and connect. 

5. Show appreciation. 
In addition to saying “thank you’ and letting people know how much you appreciate them, write a note to someone who has had an impact on your life and let them know how much they mean to you. 


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*Source : Forbes 
Buffini & Co. Used by permission


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