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5 Steps to Selling Your Home

You have put money, time, and care into your home. Now that you've decided to sell, let’s make the most of your investment by working with knowledgeable real estate professionals. At Heartland Properties will garner the best possible offers on your home and guide you through a seamless sale process!

5 Steps to Sell Your Home:

  1. Find an agent: An experienced real estate agent will market your home to the broadest possible audience. Your agent will also help you determine a competitive listing price and market value and negotiate with potential buyers on your behalf. At Heartland Properties, our 40 plus seasoned agents are well-connected and eager to bring in top dollar for your home. Connect with our active agents here.
  2. Establish your selling timeline: How soon do you want to sell? This process can take a few months or more from beginning to end, depending on the local housing trends and your needs. You’ll work alongside your agent to set your selling timeline. Two to three months before listing, your agent may advise a pre-inspection of your home. The pre-inspection will eliminate potential surprises and identify repairs you may want to make before selling. A month before listing your home, you’ll start cleaning and decluttering.
  3. Deep clean, declutter and stage your home for listing photos: You only get one chance to make a great first impression! Your agent will photograph your home or enlist a professional photographer to market your property. To prepare for the photos and upcoming showings, your agent will also work with you to create an inviting atmosphere to help potential buyers imagine your home as their own. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint, scour all surfaces, and shampoo your carpets and rugs. Now is the time to make your home look and smell like new! Personal items can also distract buyers, so be sure to clear the fridge of kids' drawings and box up family photos for now.
  4. Show your home and review offers: You have cleaned and decluttered. Your agent has written a compelling listing description. Now, your agent will list your home and arrange showings. Stay flexible during this time! Consider creating a checklist to tidy up for last-minute showings. When you receive an offer, you have three choices: accept, counter, or reject. In case of multiple offers, your agent will explain them to you and help you decide which offer will get you the most money. You'll consider terms of financing, contingencies, the form of payment, proposed closing date, and more.
  5. Navigate sale and closing: Once you have accepted an offer, there is still a lot to do before handing over the keys to the buyer. If the buyer is financing through a lender, they'll need to have the property appraised. During this time, your agent will advise you on all other closing details as the process moves forward. You will also want to start packing! Above all, communicate with your agent and stay flexible.

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